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As far back as I can remember,  I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. I remember being in awe of my father as he would sling grease and scatter wood  dust all over our garage floor. 


I was inspired by my fathers skill and it didn't take long until I followed in his footsteps. I was hooked,  I began exploring my newly developed skill of turning wrenches on mini bikes and three wheelers. I quickly transitioned to cars and was just 16 when I undertook my first automotive build. She was a gorgeous 1971 gray nova and boy was she was fast!


After graduating high school, I attended college and graduated from Southeast community college Milford with a degree as an automotive technology.  I have worked in the automotive repair field for over 30 years, now owning my own repair shop Custom Engineering Company in Omaha Nebraska. 

Being skilled in automotive repair and using my hands as tools made the art of woodcraft a natural transition for me.  I’ve always been a quick study and learn a great deal from just watching other people as they demonstrate their talents. In short, YouTube changed my life.  I really enjoy the art of artesian woodcraft and I take great pride in creating beautiful items for our clients homes.

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