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Embracing The Silence

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Well it’s been far too long since I was able to sit down and write. Not for lack of trying, I just couldn’t seem to get it done. I would set my intention on updating my blog, settle down in front of my computer and begin the creative process of writing. Each time only to land in a whirlwind of mixed emotions only after just a few paragraphs. I just knew the timing was off, I even began to consider the possibility that this may not be part of my journey.

But here I am, sitting in my office pecking away at my keyboard. A warm cup of joe next to me with an equable inspiration to write. It’s a cold windy spring morning, overcast and gray, beautiful in its own perfection. But isn't this the way in which spring always seems to begin? Cleansing with its gentle rains prompting a new season of growth. The transition is stormy by nature with strong gusty winds to usher away the last remints of winter. It’s only after 56 years on this planet that I am now beginning to see a correlation between what is transpiring in nature and our own physical life cycles. Yes, the winds of change are now among us and nothing could be more fitting.

It is with this idea of correlation which brings my thoughts back to winter. What were the lessons nature wanted so desperately for me to hear this past winter? Much like the trees which directed all their life force and energies down into their root system , I too found it to be a season of great inward focus and growth. It was there we both silently waited for a new beginning, a new season of growth and possibilities.

As if perfectly orchestrated, everything played to reinforce this inward energy. The second wave of COVID started the trend, only to be followed by several winter storms and blizzard-like conditions. Just when we thought it was safe to venture out again, bitterly cold temperatures swept in like well choregraphed dance ushering us off our feet and back into the dance of solitude and surrender.

I found perfection in these conditions. Their guidance seemed to wash over me in subtle waves, urging me into solitude. I listened. I decided to embrace the silence. It was only within these conditions I was able to find ample time and enough empty space to open my heart and mind to all that is, all that could be. All that is waiting for me.

I spent my days watching the graceful swirl of the never ending snowfall as it fell from the sky. I witnessed breath taking beauty in the early morning hours when the Earth's breath collided with the frigid temperatures and laid out ever so gently over her skin.

I passed the time next to the glowing embers of my cozy wood burning stove. It was there, in it's warmth, I found myself spending countless hours in solitude. I began using the time to sit in meditation, day after day. Silently. Patiently. Teaching myself how to quiet my mind. I picked up a new journal and began the work of self discovery and self awareness, diving deep into the depth of who I really am. The work was sometimes painful but always rewarding.

As the winter months passed, I made the effort to spend time in nature, always being truly humbled by her grace and beauty. I dedicated myself to a daily Yoga practice, this time following my inner guidance about what my body was hungry for. I spent time listening to some of the most beautiful music, music which I had never previously experience before. I bought a couple of hand drum and Scott and I played around with making our own music. I picked up my camera and braved the cold to captured some photographs that really spoke to my heart. Together Scott and I started to remodeled our home. We tore down walls and moved doors to allow more light into our space. We painted our walls with calm and peaceful colors that reminded us of nature. We decorated our walls with beautiful art work, we collected from our many adventures.

We dreamed, we planned, we laughed, we listened, we explored and we learned to love, not only each other, but all creation on a deeper level.

It is here where you now find me my friends, at the start of a new beginning. To be honest with you, I haven't a clue where my life is leading me, but I do know that I am going to enjoy every beautiful moment of it. I will enjoy the good and the not so good because it is all part of my journey.

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