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"Back to the Beginning"

Yellowstone National Park

Artist- Mary Bailey

I do realize that everyone who has traveled through Yellowstone has more than likely stopped at this outlook and captured this exact image of the lower falls is quite  spectacular, but that is not the only reason I wanted to capture and share this image. See when I was a young girl, my father made it a point to take our family to all these wonderful places so we could see and learn to love the natural world. I had my little camera, I think it was one of those disposable one, and I took this image from this outlook point. When I got it back it look very close to the image you are seeing below only lacking in the quality because of the camera and film of that era. I was so amazed that I could capture such a beautiful image. That was my first experience with falling in loving with the gift and art of photography. I guess you never know when and where you will find your passion.

"Back to the Beginning" - Mary Bailey Yellowstone National Park

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