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I was taken by the peace and tranquility of the frost cover follage when this magical white horse, almost unicornish in appearance came onto the scene. 


  • Each Limited-Edition print is printed on Aquarelle Rag Paper 100% cotton paper with a watercolor texture and matte finish. The texture is produced with an ARCHES® traditional mould and the natural grain of this paper beautifully displays pure whites for clarity and contrast of highlights and mid-tones .THICKNESS0.61mm



Sleek and modern Standouts feature your favorite photographic, Aquarelle Rag Paper fine art paper then mounted on lightweight foam finished with your choice of 3/4 " edge color of black or white.


Gallery Wraps Beautifully handcrafted canvas artwork that makes a statement in any setting. 1.5" wrap with white or black edging

"Magical" by Artist Mary Bailey

  • Designed for high quality digital fine art reproduction,  Fine art Matte paper is beautiful &  elegant in appearance.   Smooth Matte is a 100% cotton hot press paper.  Deriving it's name from its smooth  finish that is soft to the touch.   Colors are very saturated  with professional  image sharpness , optimal color density and gradation  This is an excellent choice for art work from the home and office.

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