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Artist Gallery & Virtual Coffee Shop

Imagine a virtual coffee shop buzzing with artistic energy. That's our website! Explore, connect, and celebrate the vibrant community of creatives here. Discover their newest offerings, sip on shared inspiration, and perhaps even treat your muse to a virtual cappuccino

Ancient Crane Jewelry Design

The Bond Between Friends.jpg

Nature whispers, and the Baileys listen

Hand in hand, Scott and Mary transform humble materials into wearable art, echoing the beauty and intricate connections of the living world .From forgotten trinkets to discarded treasures, 

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Melissa Anne Art & Photography

Prairie Storm.jpg

 Where Nature and Light Dance 

Meet Melissa Anne, a photographer and oil painter whose artistic spirit waltzes with the beauty of nature and light. Her creations, both captured through the lens and born from the brush, are testaments to the simple elegance of the world around us, whispers that gently tug at our inner strings

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Tiny Art by Meliz


Concrete jungles bloom into vibrant canvases under Meliz's brush.

Wood breathes life into Meliz's cityscapes. Acrylics and oils dance across wooden canvases, echoing the grit and grace of urban landscapes. Her art tells a story of concrete and chaos, whispered secrets painted in bold strokes and subtle textures

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Artesian Woodcraft by Scott B.


Scott's Woodcraft: Where Trees Whisper and Beauty Takes Root

Scott's handcrafted wood creations are stories sculpted in timber, odes to the earth sung in the language of grain and bark. His hands, guided by an artist's spirit, coax the incredible energy of trees into exquisite forms, breathing life into functional art that adorns not just our homes, but our very souls.

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Wild at Heart Photography 

2V5A2063-1 copy.jpg

Mary's heart beats with the rhythm of the earth.

Her nature and landscape imagery isn't just a view, it's a whisper of wind through leaves, the sun's kiss on mossy stones, the soul of the wilderness captured in rays of light and shadow.

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Poor Woman's Art by Sonie


Sonie's art isn't mere decoration; it's a conversation between worlds. Through bold acrylics and luminous oils, she paints the whispers of the cosmos and the vibrant song of the earth, inviting us to contemplate the unseen forces that shape our existence

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Brushworks by Mary


Mary's art is a whimsical journey

where tiny flowers peek from hidden corners and landscapes morph into mirrors of her soul. In watercolors, she whispers secrets with delicate strokes, while acrylics become her playground, allowing her soul and brush to dance a vibrant tango inspired by nature's whispers.

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 Melodies of Earth  by Mary


Mary doesn't merely collect nature's treasures; she breathes life into them.

Sun-kissed stones, moonlit pebbles, and driftwood whispers - Mary weaves them into ethereal tapestries of sound and movement. Her windchimes and wall mobiles sing the silent songs of the earth, textures whispering tales of forgotten landscapes.

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