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The Artist Coffee shop

This is where you will find all our creative souls spending their time and sharing their latest offerings (that is at least on our website).  So as long as you're here, grab yourself a cup of your favorite coffee and stop in for a visit with your favorite creative, and maybe, just maybe, buy them a cup of encouragement!

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Ancient Crane Jewelry Design

A husband and wife duo makes up this team of creatives.  Using everyday items, both repurposed and new materials, they combine their talents to reflect their love for the natural world.​

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Artist Ally Mae

​Watercolor and acrylic artist Ally Mae takes her passion for the dark and mysterious to the edge . Her art touches both the  primitive and primal aspect of the human experience.

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Tiny Art by Meliz

Having lived in cities for most of her life, Meliz's work depicts the emotional turbulence of urban dwelling and uncovering its inherent beauty. Meliz works in both acrylic and oil paint on wooden canvases.

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Artesian Woodcraft Design by Scott B.

Working with his hands is this artist's gift to all of us! Scott  creates beautiful artesian woodcraft designs both functional and art. His work brings the incredible energy of trees into our home decor and on our diner tables.

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Wild at Heart Photography by Mary B.

Mary’s love for her surroundings enables her to capture the world in all its aspects as an expression of beauty.  Mary's nature and landscape imagery is a glimpse into the artist's soul and helps us reconnect with our inherent nature.

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Poor Woman's Art by Sonie

Creating her works in both oils and acrylic, Sonie swirls together the bright and bold colors of her soul onto canvas. Her art speaks to both the natural and spiritual realms of existence.

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