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Welcome to the "Clique"

The Clique

No no no not it’s not at all what you're thinking.. This clique is based in love and is all encompassing with full acceptance, arms wide open, big group hug, (if you’re into such things) and  a collection  of like minded creatives from all walks of life..  This "clique" understands the amazing power that art has to bring people together and to change the world . She is  much more than an art market and offer of deliciousness. She is a teacher, student and a dreamer of the arts. If this sounds like your idea of a “clique”  we welcome you.

Our Very Own Space

We decided to keep our community off of  all the social media platforms simply because there are a great many people who have experienced these platforms as a source of negative energy. We want none of that!   By building our little creative community in our own private space, we can assure a conscious platform for you to express yourself freely and interact openly with other awakened souls of the community.  The app is completely free and will help you stay in the loop of all the fun and exciting events. 

The Rule

We honestly only have one rule, "Be a good Human"  That's it.  

How to Get in on the Action

Below you will find all the different ways to get in on the creative action here at the Hidden Art Market If you have any questions you know where to find us!

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